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Do you feel like there are certain people or things in your life that are causing you stress? Are people crossing your boundaries, taking advantage of your upset, ignoring you needs? Do you feel like your voice isn't heard?  Are you anxious, depressed, angry, or, being told, to "get some help"? 

Everyone has to start somewhere, and wherever you are now is just a step in getting to where you want or need to be. The people, things, and issues you're experiencing now are, in some way, the keys to getting where and what you want to be. So, it makes sense to invest some time and energy in understanding each of them to get to where you want to be. 

Congratulations for investing in "you" and your better future. 

As you know, most things are not all about "them," or, even, all, about, "you." 

The fact is, in most of life, and particularly in problem solving, good relationships are the key to life satisfaction.  

How we interact with others in our romantic, friendships, family, work and community relationships is critical to overall well-being and personal success.

To that end, we as individuals have a responsibility to ourselves to nurture our internal relationship with ourself in order to better connect with others.

Self esteem, therefore is an important component to developing and nurturing positive relationships.

Having more self-awareness, and, more tools for success that can be gained through counseling and coaching, is a life changing, life improving combination. 

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